This year has been one of the best and worst years of work I’ve had to do. Throughout this year I feel like I’ve changed not only my style of work but the way I work. Although I’ve had a few melt downs this year towards deadline day, I’ve had far less than I had in the past so my time management has improved wildly. That wasn’t the only thing that has improved, during the year I had to learnt how to use photoshop and Illustrator for all of my work. I would spend a lot of time watching tutorials on YouTube to help me improve my skills, over the year I feel like I know so much more than I thought I ever would.

To help further improve my skills I brought a Wacom drawing tablet so I could draw straight to the computer rather than on paper then scanning it in. This help my work drastically, I noticed the change when I completed redo work of the postcard brief at the end of the year. I got told that my lines were a bit messy and I could improve my drawings at the start of the year. Now being at the end of the year I completely changed the lines and the style a little bit it looks so much better now, its crazy to see the difference in a year.

One of my favourite briefs was the BBC. As we had multiple brief on at once but I still wanted to try my best. For this brief the idea had to be simple yet eye-catching. My tutor was the person to pointing out that my paint splatter looked like a map so the idea evolved. On the other hand, the weirdest brief I’ve done this year was the D&AD. I enjoyed it at times but after looking at the winners I have a horrible feeling that the company isn’t as creditable as they would like us to believe! Some of the universities that had won had up to 6 different winners all in the same class and from looking at their work its hard to understand why/how they won. I know that sounds bitter but if you look at some of the winners you’d understand my point. If we do get the chance to do another D&AD brief I’m going to make my work with very little effort because that way I know I’ll win! Alongside all of this I’ve learnt this year that I will have to deal with unhelpful briefs such as BBW (Bedfordshire Business Women). It was the worst brief to read as it left a giant list of things they wanted and didn’t really allow much room for creativity. I learnt that you just have to get on with it and try your best.

The lowest moment of the year was defiantly was the Modernism essay, it was just a bad topic. I still feel like I don’t know anything about it, honestly if it wasn’t for the power of the internet, I’d be screwed. Although I say this I totally understand why we learn about the history of art as without it we wouldn’t have the class I’m in today or any art that is around, its just that modernism isn’t really a subject of interest for me.

When it comes to my work I want it too be eye-catching, fit for the job and unique. I hope to learn many more skill in the 2nd year such as, my drawing skills. I know it wont be over night but I hope that throughout the year I can improve the skills needed to draw. Aswell as that I would like to find out my niche, I want to discover what section of graphic design I belong in. Next year aswell, I want to create strict plans so I only do the work Ive set out as I have a horrible habit of going off course and doing sometimes more than I need to, making it too complicated. I will be trying to combat this next year to make the most of my time in each projects.

Overall I had a very productive year, from learning new skills to completing work for companies I never thought Id get the chance to work with (BBC & John Lewis). I look forward to next year very much so. I cannot wait for what it will bring work wise.


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