When we were asked to come up with our final major project we got told that it should be any of the following :

  • Something we feel passionate about e.g. a campaign for company
  • New brand
  • Something that the world needs

I had a few ideas that I could do:

  • Stationary set
  • Charity campaigns

This is when I went to the hair dresses to get my hair dyed and thought that I could create my own dye brand but with a twist.

The first time I ever dyed my hair was at the hairdressers in 2012 because I wasn’t brave enough to try it at home. My hairdressers have been amazing for the past 4 years of dyeing, they have helped me complete any stupid colour/colours that I desired. They tell me when the colour wouldn’t be achievable, they taught me what a lot of the products do to your hair and all the little tips & tricks to get the most out of the colour.

I want to create a brand that would give the users the same helping hand I received. I want the users to help each other, I want to bring people of all different ‘skill’ levels together to help via the brand by using social media, an app and the website. We therefore want to create products for different people.


The middle section of the collage of inspiration has just a few pictures of the colours I have been over the past 4 year.

This includes: Blue

  • Green
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Blonde
  • Purple
  • Grey


I created a spider diagram of all the things I could do to complete my brand idea.

This includes

  • Packaging ideas,
  • App ideas and what its for/can do
  • Colours I could create
  • Social media (Twitter, Instagram, Website)

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