logo.pngCreative Review is a design, advertising and culture magazine. Owned by Centaur Media PLC the monthly magazine was launched in 1980 and generates over 20K readers every month (and that’s not mentioning the avid readers online or the app). According to figures from (ALEXA.COM) the Creative Review website has roughly 40K views every month.

Their audience is probably a mature 18+. This is due to the amount of writing and the language used within each article. They either work in the creative industry as graphic designers, digital designers, photographers, illustrators or creative arts students, their audience will have a strong interest in the world of art. 

Creative review is one of the leading magazines in advertisement, design and visual culture. Every month the magazine has a different themed issue, for example:


The Health issue, The Food issue and The Fashion issue

They do this to ask the question of “how is creativity changing our world?”. Alongside the monthly issue, they do an annual double issue titled Creative Review – The Annual, which showcases all the best art of the year, this doesn’t include photography as 

they do a separate annual fully focusing on the best photography called Creative Review – The Photography Annual.

Within each issue they review work this doesn’t just mean they only publish professionals work but they actually publish real people’s work too. This makes the magazine unique to other publications of its type. Although the magazine is based in the UK, it is an international magazine and is available in 80 countries around the world.  This helps keep its readers up to date with the latest design trends and hopefully inspires people to complete work that could one day be featured within an issue.

Creative Review has a massive online presences with a massive 1.3 Million followers on twitter and another 120K on Facebook. Their increase on social media was helped by their app release back in 2012 that allowed readers to buy a digital copy of the magazine at a cheaper rate. However, in January of this year they released a statement.

We launched the CR iPad App back in 2012. At the time, like many publishers we believed that there could be demand for a digital version of CR delivered via the platform. However, the market has changed and so have our readers’ preferences. January will be the last issue of the CR iPad App. A new digital, online version of Creative Review will be available soon, details of which we will announce via our website.

According to the Creative Review website you can subscribe for £82.50 will get you a ONE year subscription to the magazine this includes:

  • FREE delivery direct to your door
  • Be the first to see the magazine before it hits the newsstand (including the Photography and CR Annuals)
  • Members only content on the CR website and over 5 years of archives
  • Priority invites to events and training courses
  • Access to the CR blog and a place to upload work and appear alongside projects chosen by the editorial team

They also have a free ONE month trial so you can try before you buy!


230 x 230, Margins – Top 20mm, bottom 12mm, inside 27mm and outside 12mm, Layout – margins & collums, Object – corner options, 300 dpi or higher.

Overall, Creative Review is a fun magazine for those in the creative industry. I would highly recommend a read!



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