When trying to come up with a suitable idea for this brief, I didn’t know what I could do. We sat as a class discussing each other’s ideas and trying to help each other expand our concepts for the spread. It came to me and I was none the wiser on my concept. When I was completing some research of Creative Review I came across a page that I really like the look of and therefore wanted recreate but in my own way.



The two double page spreads held the complete A to Z  of Fashion Influencers. Theses are probably the messiest pages’ I’ve seen in any of the Creative Reviews that I looked at. I really like them due to that fact. I know I want my spread to have the same sort of theme.

The thing holding me back coming up  was an idea is the writing part of this task. As we have to either source (then write in our own words) or write a new article from scratch. I’m not great with writing, give me a design and I’ll complete it however give me an essay or writing piece and I’ll really struggle so I was nervous about completing this work. 

I got asked what I did over the summer as I visited a lot of new places on our break. I had recently told everyone about my trip to 2000 Trees festival and how I camped there for the weekend with my boyfriend (it sucked.. the camping part). Someone then said write about something I had done/seen over the holidays. I want to write and design an article about how to survive a music festival (as a first timer). 

I started researching into festival guides, Heres just a few: 

Unfortunately/fortunately , there is a lot of these out there. However, all of them are normally from the view of someone who either went to a festival years ago or someone that has never been.  I want to put in my knowledge of music festivals/gigs into my piece.


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