After I created my paper layout ideas, I made them (or at least tried) on the computer. During my layout out idea I wanted to include doodles like I had seen in an issue of the magazine.

I first of all started with the dancing people. I googled around to see images and drawings of people dancing then found a few styles I liked Holi festival of colours london, Illustrated Moodboard, illustration, Rosa Crepax, Carlotta Crepax, cut.jpg

I found this really cool illustration on ‘WWW.ILLUSTRATED-MOODBOARD.COM’. I really like the style and defiantly want to do something like this.

I was also going to draw doodles of things with my article to make them stand out and help enforce the point. I only drew one item, Louis Vuitton bag. (Im actually really happy with the way it turned out. louis bag.jpg

When I started to mess around with layouts I discovered quickly that the pages weren’t big enough to hold all of the items and the writing. I was also thinking about adding a checklist but after I made the page, I thought it wouldn’t look appropriate in Creative Review issue.


The second attempt of the magazine was a little bit better. It however still lacked the


This was my favourite try out.




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