Alongside the design aspect of this brief, we had to write everything for it too. Here’s my final work. This the brief view of what my article is about.

After I finished writing my article, I got my boyfriend, who does journalism to read over the page and change anything that didn’t sound quite write. I did however change a few things around after his changes. I really appreciate his help and will definitely  get him to help me again in the future.

“Festivals aren’t just for the freaks and hippies as they once were, they are becoming more and more popular with the younger generation. Festivals such as Glastonbury have become world renowned and manage to sell all 135,000 of their tickets in under an hour, all before any of the acts being announced! Music festivals becoming the highlight of many people’s summers holidays and hundreds of new festivals appearing each year, they are only getting bigger. So this is your guide on how to survive your first music festival.”

This is my main article piece of work.

“Schedule – The whole point of the weekend isn’t just to get drunk and cop off with someone in a field, it’s about the music. Plan your schedule so you don’t miss any of your favourite bands as well as leaving time to check out new music. You might discover something incredible.

Bog roll, Baby wipes and Bin bags – These three are a must, the first two will save your life… and your friendships! No one wants a smelly friend. Bin bags can be used for pretty much everything. Dirty clothes, shoes and if it rains they make excellent DIY ponchos!

Deal with it – Personal space isn’t a thing anymore, deal with it. Mud is a new accessory, deal with it. Being nocturnal is a new way of living, deal with it. Embrace the festival spirit.

Sunscreen and Ponchos – The weather is so unpredictable, don’t be that burnt guy in the corner, take sunscreen. Annnnnd let’s face it this is England. At some point, it will almost defiantly rain, take a poncho!

Air beds will save your life… and your back – You might think this is just extra to carry but trust me, this will save your life. After spending a full day stood in a muddy field, going back to a tent which has something comfy to lie on will be a god send.

£££ – Sadly everything about festivals is expensive, this includes the food. Take more money than you think you will need so you won’t have to sponge off friends… believe me they hate it, and you.

Comfort VS fashion – You may want to recreate your favourite celebrity’s festival look but after two days of no sleep and only eating junk food, you won’t regret bringing an oversized jumper and a pair of trainers.

 Lost property – Thinking of taking that diamond ring? new Louis Vuitton bag or iPhone 7? Don’t make yourself a target of theft. DO NOT take anything that you are not willing to lose. Instead of that iPhone why not get a throwback Thursday phone? Maybe a Nokia and a cheap sim card?

Drugs and Alcohol – We all know that festivals are a haven for illegal substances. You will be offered them at some point during your weekend. Just because they’re there doesn’t mean you have to pop pills & drink the night away.

Anything and everything goes – You’ll figure this one out very fast! Random men will run past wearing mankini’s, people will be drinking at 8am, there will be mud fights and bodily fluids will be shared between friends. Everything goes at a festival and I truly mean EVERYTHING. The best part of this is the ability to say NO to anything you don’t want to join in with.”


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