We headed to Luton today for the first of our week of lectures. It was an interesting day.

The first speaker was Jasmine Johnson. Talking about Globalisation and Eskimos.

The second talk I found more interesing as it was by Dr Clem, who gave a completely new view of Globalisation from an African perspective. He spoke about he looked into methods of up cycling due to the price of art supplies in Nigeria. Upcylcing and revamping old and disgarded items such as woods and metals was the only way that he could complete his work and be ended up enjoying the way his work looked and turned out by doing this method. He’s work was really cool to look at, one of the pieces he completed was a handmade wooden box from old scrap wood, which he burnt African symbols onto.

The afternoon film was all about Chinese sweatshops. It was weird to watch due to seeing these people struggle to earn a living and working in terrible conditions while a man with a massive expensive camera films them before returning to his nice home and nice job. Visually the film was stunning. The way the camera man had set up shots, made all the workers stand in a certain way and wear a matching colour. Visually stunning. But very odd when you think of how the worker must feel when they are being bossed around by men with expensive cameras.


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