As a fan of listening to podcasts on long journeys I decided to have a look around for any podcasts that were about graphic design and/or art as a whole. I came across ‘Ask A Designer Anything’ by Craig Burgess. This podcast was all about how the traditional designer is dead, I was hoping this would give me an insight to help me with my essay.


Technology is everything, it’s amazing.

The computer IBM 360 which was so central to NASA Space program from the 1960’s is now less powerful than a memory stick today, let alone an iPhone! The way technology is changing it is killing the designer. 

The traditional designer is dead. The designers that just designed brands, business stationary and other 2D none moving graphics. These are the designer that are stuck in their ways, people are using less print and doing less print based design. Newspaper is dying, they are being surpassed by the digital newspaper. 

He goes on to speaks about how the traditional designer, the person that only does print based and doesn’t bother with digital design unless they are offering a unique service will be extinction within 10 years.

Digital isn’t the future, because it’s already here but more digital, better digital is the future. Things that we can’t even begin to wrap our heads around now or even imagine is the future, and sadly it just doesn’t contain the traditional graphic designers…

The humble graphic designer changes with the technology. He said that he’ll probably be speaking about the death of another type of designer in 10 years time.



  • For our globalisation essay we had to look at how technology was forever changing and this podcast made many examples of how graphic design is a forever changing industry. Technology has advanced so much in the past 50 years to levels that people couldn’t of even imagined. Personality it scares to think that technology is only going to get bigger and better, as a designer I need to keep up with this ever changing cycle.
  • He spook about how designers have to be a jack of all traits now, you have to have all of the old skills, mixed with new skills. We have to change alongside the technology.
  • You don’t really think about how fast the technology is moving until you look at the past.
  • Keep up or die trying



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