This is my final FMP proposal that I gave to Kate via TurnItIn.

SECTION ONE – The Final Major Project (guide 100 words)
I want to create a new brand of hair dye that has everything the users could ever need and more but in one place. The brand wants to be all about the users rather than anything else, I don’t want them to spend hours online to find out all the tips and useful information, I want my brand to do this for them. This includes, social media sites to reach out to fans. A multifunctioning app that allows its users to share tips and pictures with each other including a game feature to make the app fun. An online shop to purchase the products. All the packaging for the products, advertisement not only digital but print copies too.
SECTION TWO – Influences, Research, Sources and Ideas (guide 100 words)
I have a strong connection with my local hairdressers which have offered to help me with anything and everything I need. I also have friends that have dyed their hair and have tips and tricks they perhaps may want to share with others. The brand will be a vegan hair dye because it doesn’t exclude anyone from using it, I want the brand to be all about the people and for everyone to be proud of using it. I will be considering the 1920’s art deco poster styles, typography such as calligraphy and decorative type for my works overall look.
SECTION THREE – Techniques, Processes and Timetables (guide 150 words)
I want to try experimenting with new techniques to build up new skills: water paints, inks, dye, cray, mosaic tiling, spray paint, mono printing and of course digital software’s like Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. When it comes to making the products, I want to print using different types of card and papers. Printing on both t-shirts and bags using silk printing and iron on prints. As my brand is hair dye I want to work with hair to get some cool images for either packaging or just to go on the website. I think this would be beneficial for this task to focus on what it’s all about, hair. Here is my timetable for the next few months that I have carefully designed with all my current work in mind. I completed this on the computer so I can quickly change, add or remove things if my situation changes.


SECTION FOUR – Method of Evaluation (guide 150 words)
I will be evaluating my work as I go along. I want to keep track of what went well and what didn’t. I also want to get people to look at my work for feedback so I can change around based on their feedback. This also includes looking up how to get things printed, copyrighted anything that I would need to look at if the product was real. Alongside this I need to look at how long it takes to print so before the work is due I have plenty of time to get my work printed or made with time to spare. I will have both physical copies of my work and digital copies to show people my work in the best light. I want my work to be as professional as possible, I want people to wish they had the products!
APPENDIX – Use this appendix for your bibliography which should be Harvard Referenced and/or action plan for your Final Major Project 
http://www.allposters.co.uk/-st/Art-Deco-Vintage-Art-Posters_c140260_.htm – Art deco style posters that are on sale nowadays

http://www.superdrug.com/microsite/hair-colourants – Competitions on the sale to the general public (Older target audience)

http://bleachlondon.co.uk – Competition brand, online brand (Younger target audience)

https://www.gooddyeyoung.com – Competition brand, online brand (Younger target audience)

http://lovelypackage.com – Packaging inspiration

http://www.packagingnews.co.uk – To keep up to date with my packaging competition

http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/design/foodtech/packaginglabellingrev3.shtml – Consider recycling the packaging.

https://uk.lush.com/article/our-environmental-policy – Lush are renowned for their vegan products and recycled packaging. Look into why they do this and why.

http://www.designishistory.com/1450/type-classification/ – Typography types

http://www.vegan.com/hair-dye/ – What makes vegan hair dye

http://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/everyday-innovations/hair-coloring3.htm – How does hair dye work? What is hair dye?

http://www.teenvogue.com/story/psychology-behind-dyeing-hair – why teens are obsessed with hair dye?

https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/packaging – Packaging blogs



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