Throughout the past few months I’ve been completing research on several topics based on the overall business side rather before starting on the design side of things.

Vegan –

  • Originally my brand was going to be vegetarian but after a bit of thinking I decided to look at vegan brands and how they create their products. I looked at ingredients from a well known vegan hair dye brand and compared them to non vegan brands.
  • I found out that to become a official vegan certified brand you need to go through TheVeganSociety who test the product before you can use their official logo.
  • The number of vegans has risen from 150,000 to 542,000 so making my brand vegan will not rule out anyone based on their beliefs or lifestyle.

Social media –

  • I was going to make advertisements such as posters for shops and just general public adverts however after look at research I found that the way forward would be social media advertising. The ones that have adverts on tv, in shops tend to be aimed at a older audience who don’t use social media that much however my target audience is teenagers/young adults who find nearly all of their brands on socials media.
  • I’m going to be doing all my advertising on social media because thats the way forward. Starbucks are the kings of social media by making their employees write the names on the cups wrong, this then leaves the customer to post a picture online talking about the cup, mean while not knowing that it was a very clever ploy by Starbucks for free advertising. I want to be the queen of social media so my fans would do the advertising and sharing for me, as I’d do competitions to win products, have fans of the week (they have to send a picture via social media using hashtags to get chosen)
  • Currently waiting for the feedback of my online survey on how do people use social media (https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SCG53JB)

Recycling –

  • I was originally think about making my products recyclable for home recycling however with some research and personal knowledge I thought about having the customer send the packaging to my company for it to be recycled into more packing, making a circle of life with the boxes therefore saving the planet a little at a time.
  • Alongside sending the packaging back I want to be able to have a reward system to encourage people to send back their boxes. Many brands currently do this but don’t publicly advertise that they in fact do this… not 100% why but its probably the thought of having to give free products away and therefore not making money.
  • The rewards system will be like the Nando’s card where if £7 or more in their restaurant you get ‘chillies’ added to your account. Once you get to 3 you can either redeem these ‘chillies’ for a free 1/4 chicken or a starter on the other hand you could also save them in order to get a better reward, 6 ‘chillies’ 1/2 chicken or any single wrap, burger or pitta and 10 chillies is a Whole chicken or single combo meal. Once redeemed you’ll be deducted the number of ‘chillies’ and the reward system starts again there.

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