After the election of President Trump there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the man and his ‘colourful‘ past. During the build up to the election serveral misogynistic comments towards women have been made public for everyone to hear. Woman across the world have been fighting for women’s rights since 1960s however with the election of Donald Trump many believe we have head back in time. Over one million people headed out to Washington DC to protest women’s rights. The incredible turn out in Washington wasn’t the only peaceful protest to take place. With over 30 planned for across the globe including London and New York, the protestors where there show Trump that we might be ‘women‘ who are weak and feeble but in fact that we are strong, we have rights and we need to be heard.

All of this was said with the use of design.  Across the two pages I used my favourite posters, banners and signs that I found on instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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