I began to look at space facts. I found a YouTube channel that contained sing-a-long  factual videos made for children. This video was all about the planets, each planet had their own solo which they sung about ‘themselves’, I found the lyrics and thought that some of the facts within the song could be used on my cards. 

I started to look into Tim Peake, I didn’t really find much about him at this point so I needed to do some more research such as looking in his book that he recently published. 

I looked at comets and found lots of little facts that I could use such as the information about Halley’s Comet only coming out every 75 years. 

I looked at Saturn. I chose Saturn because its one of the coolest, I even have it on my necklace!  I know a lot of cool facts about the planet that will hopefully be interesting enough for children. 


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