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As I have been thinking about potentially trying to go freelance while at university to not only give me experience but to help me network for the future. I found a podcast video that speaks about 5 tips to successful freelancing.


1) Collecting payments. Use PayPal, it’s so easier to use. Send your information out, get the client to fill in the details and its done! Simple!

2) Invoicing. Never ever take on projects without an invoice, it’s very hard to keep track of payments if you don’t have a system in place. You need a trail of information for every transaction. There are several online system you can use to help keep on track.

3) Project management. If you try and work from your email it can get very messy.

4) Taking deposit. Never take on a project without taking a deposit! It shows that the client is serious about the work. 50% deposits.

5) Contracts. Things can get crazy, if you don’t have a contract in place. Having a contract might assume something so having a contract stating all of the things a head of time (then go through it with them) will help save time and stop problems in the future.


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