I looked into some artists that I followed on Instagram because I didn’t know any mainstream artists that had a similar style to what I was thinking. 

One of my favourite artists includes Robin Eisenberg, I’m not sure how I found out about her but I’m happy I did. She is a cartoony drawer from America, she draws space themed illustrations then sells them online. (I own one of her pieces)

Andrew Fairclough is another of my favourites, he is a illustrator and graphic designer. His style is pop arty but more gritty.  He often works with dark dulled colours which continues with the gritty theme. I would love to one day be able to find my own style that all my work would follow. 

The next artist was Matt Carlson who is a freelance designer. His style is simple and colourful, I love some of his work as they look so neat. 

This is one of my favourite pages, it contains submissions of black and white images mostly done by ball point pen! Some of the pictures have so much detail and make me want to learn how to draw as well as theses. 

I also looked at tattoo artists because my idea for the cards are cartoony and fun.  I found these two tattoo artists on Instagram who post regular images of their finished products. I love the tattoo style, they are fun and colourful, people put them on their bodies to help show their personality / to help express themselves. 


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