Like I said before on the cards there is a section that says where you can get your free sticker book. I went to the website it told me and I found a page that had all the relevant information for people to get their book. The website follows the same theme of whatever is in the cards at the time!

On the website you can sign up to the Bear newsletter by becoming a ‘co captain’ in which you recieve a contract for the children to sign, a ‘badge’ to either wear or stick in their room. 

Once you get into the website it has lots of different things for the children to do. One of the activities is to take a look at one of the cards, however on the website the cards are interactive, they show the front side of the cards and when you hover over the image it will pop up with facts and information about whatever the card is about. 

Alongside the cards the website has a online quiz to determine what team you were in. Kids would love this type of game and would be very excited to find out what team they would be in. This makes me think about what I could have to make my Bear entry the best it could possibly be. 


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