Last week, we were given the opportunity to complete mark making. This week we were given lino.

I started by drawing my idea on paper, once completed I traced around my image using tracing paper. Flip the tracing paper on to the lino and once again draw round your image. Now it time to start cutting, I follow several people on Instagram who make this part look so easy! HOWEVER, they are lying. It was so difficult but once I had a few goes it started to become a bit easier. I printed one hair dye bottle with my company logo (FMP- CARPE DYEM BLEACH) on canvas.  My second attempt was my name. THANK GOD, my name is only 3 letters, it was so difficult and anymore than three letter I don’t think I would of been able to do. With this one I wanted to remove all the background and only show the letters. This involved cutting all of the background out from around the letters but not removing the lino of the letters, this is what gives it a perfect look.





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