We had a student from Level 3 Graphic Design come into our class to teach us about Low Poly art.

“The name refers back to the style’s origin as rendering 3D models for video games. Though it seems as if you are using many polygons, in reality there are relatively few in comparison to the number that would be used to create a mesh for a more realistic and detailed 3D image.

And while now video games have far and away surpassed this level of detail, it has become a rather regular trend to see in the 2D graphic design world and has increasingly diversifying in how designers are using it, both in their unique design style and for what purpose.” – (99DESIGNS.CO.UK, 2016)

How do you create low poly art:

  • STEP ONE: Get a high quality image and/or an image with a solid structure.
  • STEP TWO: Draw triangles over the image, the smaller the triangles the cooler the image will eventually look.
  • STEP THREE: Be prepared to spend hours completing your low poly art.

I know that is a terrible explanation but I can’t explain it as well as he did. I’m hoping to be able to find away to incorporate this into some design work in the future as I think it looks so cool and adds some different dimension to art work.

Here are some examples of Low Poly I found on Google Image:




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