This is all of the card wording, all written by me.


Hello there planet explorers, my name is Saturn. I’m the sixth planet and the second largest in the solar system. I was discovered by Galileo in 1610 and I’m well-known for my rings which are made from old moons, comets and space junk that my powerful gravity pulled apart.


How old am I? 4.6 Billion years old 

Time I take to orbit The Sun? 29.4 years

How hot am I? -150°C (I’m actually very cold)

What am I made from? 97% of Hydrogen and 3% of Helium

Do I have any moons? Yes! I actually have over 50 moons. Titan the most well known moon of mine.


Nasa said that I am only planet that could float in water. That would take a really big bath tub!! 

746 million miles from Earth!!


Hello there planet explorers, I’m a comet! I’m a giant cosmic snowball of frozen gas, rock and dust. I fly around space and sometimes get too close to The Sun, when I get heated up I spew gas and dust giving myself a lovely eye catching glow. Remember to keep an eye out for me on dark starry nights!


How fast do I travel? Depending on size and shape I can travel between 26 miles per second and 298 miles per second!

Most famous? Halley’s comet. Discovered in 1531 by Edmond Halley the fiery snowball only appears ever 75 years and wont be seen again until 2061.


Comets like me come in all shapes and sizes… from small town to the size of a mountains!!

There are over 3000 known comets


Hello there planet explorers, I’m Tim Peake. I am the first British European Space Agency astronaut to live on board of the ISS (International Space Station). While on board I had the opportunity to become the first British astronaut to complete a space walk. I spent just under 5 hours outside fixing the outside of ISS.


How old am I? 44 Years Old (7th April 1972)

Do I have a family: Yes! I have a wife and two kids

Do I have any hobbies? skiing, scuba diving, cross country running and reading

Total time in space? 185 days 22 hours 11 minutes


Most of the elements found in the human body originated in stars; we are literally made of stardust. ISS is only 250 mile away from Earth!


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