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Live with Dan Mumford from OFFF 2017 | Adobe Creative Cloud

Dan-Mumford.com (remember the dash because without you’ll end up on a photographers site)

Official summary:

Discover Dan’s work and watch him reviewing portfolios live from OFFF.

Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator working out of Studio100 in central London, UK. From “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” to “Halo 5” inspired artwork, Dan has become famous for his beautiful techniques, working for bands like Trivium, Protest The Hero, The Black Dahlia Murder, and A Day To Remember for album covers and tee shirts.


Dan Mumford is a illustrator who works mostly with the pop culture scene, creating work for popular film, video game franchises and occasionally music. ‘Geek culture’ comic con style. 

Likes: Star Wars, Harry Potter, love design 80’s & 90’s stuff.

In the live show the host did a live review of Dan’s portfolio.

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A lot of his work is screen printed

  • Design in layers on Photoshop
  • Print layer by layer
  • Building the colour up everytime 
  • Minimal colours
  • Start light to dark colours
  • He create his work going backwards, starts dark to light
  • Practice makes perfect (to get the incredible gradients he gets within his print)

He does time lap videos for some of his work to show how he does it. On his website has lots of videos of the process of his work.

He mentioned that he illustrates on a iPad Pro sometimes.  Chosen app: Illustrator Draw (you draw vectors) this is part of the creative cloud mobile apps (ALL FREE!!) alongside with Photoshop sketch, Adobe Capture.

He likes Illustrator draw because it great for smooth lines, the app itself helps the illustrator out a bit by cleaning up the lines slightly so if you’re not at a desk or flat surface it doesn’t matter, it will clean the line up. He said this helps with his style because he likes the lines as neat and clean as possible.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 23.18.51

Discussing one of his most recent iPad illustrations

How can I get them?

  • App store
  • Google Play (for all devices)

Currently working on a work for Star Wars, he wasn’t allowed to talk about it but he seemed very excited (coming out soon).

His process for illustrating: 

  • Does everything in black and white first (If it works in black and white, it will work with any colour
  • Block colours
  • Layer it up.
  • Works like he’s screen printing

I found out during the live stream that he illustrated the album cover for A Day To Remember’s album Homesick. 


With the wording


Without the wording

He spoke about how he started out doing work for bands, due to himself being a musician. During this time he designed around 50 to 60 covers and hundreds upon hunderds of tshirts.

Heres a few of the questions that people asked during the live stream:

Cindy asked: Do you Use references when you draw?

“It depends what it is, if it’s something like a boat then I will of course look at boats to make sure that I get the boats right because you know even though it’s not what i do is not realistic necessarily there is an element of realism to it I don’t want to make I don’t want it to look wrong. So yeah references it’s important I think to use reference for me anyway.”

Whtye asked: Do you use a Wacom pen or mouse?

“Wacom Cintiq which is a touchscreen yeah it’s basically a giant iPad that’s about this big very heavy quite expensive as well but and they connect to your PC or Mac, it’s essentially a second screen so you can use it as a second screen sometimes for stuff but mainly it’s a big drawing tablet that is very you know the type they got good technology for that it’s good really good.”

Mario asked: Do you draw on paper first?

“I do not this is something that I’ve very much dropped from my process I used to start with paper I used to do stuff with pen and ink okay but I kind of dropped it around six years ago completely just because it’s for me it’s quicker to work on the computer and I’ve never been a real like traditionalist or something like that…”

Scott asked: Do you use a colour wheel or just your eye?

I don’t use a colour wheel I sort of found that I now you know colour theory is something you learn I think the more you do, so I know what colours work together now but sometimes I will actually specifically pick out a set of colours and I’ll just sort of have a little a little swatch of what colours I want to work with but I don’t really use a colour wheel or anything like that.


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