Live with Tina Touli from OFFF 2017 – Adobe Creative Cloud

Official summary:

Discover Tina’s work and watch her reviewing portfolios live from OFFF.

Tina Touli is a London-based graphic communication designer specialised in branding, packaging and editorial design. However, that does not stop her from exploring different areas, such as illustration, typography, webdesign, bookbinding, programming, etc.

She has worked in different studios, such as CHK Design, Pearlfisher, Nalla Design, Yalos Branding and Earthblink, and as a freelance graphic communication designer, producing a variety of different design applications.


She’s a graphic communication designer who works in multiple fields she also likes using different medias (paper crafts, digital design, web design, coding, book binding). She works with different fields trying to keep each project new and unique, something fresh everytime).

BIG CLIENTS: Tate, Waitrose, UAL

Waitrose drinks festival, didn’t have any branding before coming to her to design.

Waitrose had a few images they liked the style of/what they wanted but she asked if they could be more creative with it. She was looked at the branding for some of the items in Waitrose and thought about how well designed, fun and simple they are.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 00.13.15

This is what Waitrose had in mind.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 00.15.54

What Tina had in mind.

Tried to make the magazine clean and elegant so white space, contemporary. Waitrose liked the idea even if it was miles away from what they originally wanted (this proves that sometimes the client doesn’t know what they truly want, and its our job as designer to figure it out! However, they did have a few comments, they felt some of the illustrations were a bit too old fashioned and the photography was bit dark and not that inspiring enough. She went back to the original illustrations and focused more on the drinks production. They went back over the photography and went for bright, colourful photographs this time.


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 00.14.54

Before the comments from the clients

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 00.20.42

After the clients feedback

Fun fact: She is incredibly fast using illustrator.

Heres a question that someone asked during the live stream:

Bang asked – how does coding help with graphic design?

“oh you can use it really nicely like in processing for example to create graphics and animate them and play around or even sometimes it’s good when you talk to developer building a website, yeah it’s really important to know how, to know what you’re talking about yeah so you can understand and you can communicate with each other really well and so I think it’s really important to have like at least like a basic knowledge about that. I’m working a bit with HTML CSS and JavaScript so like the basic languages in order to be able but once you know some of them then it’s real easy to expand and understand like maybe not right the others but you can always understand what is written on the code, kind of fun”


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