Before I can design anything I need to find an overall theme. I had a few ideas of making it fun and colourful which I wanted to try a number of things to potentially use as backgrounds.

Here are my four favourites of the experiments:

  • Bubbles
  • Marble
  • Bubble wrap
  • Ombre


I liked all of the styles however some where a lot more unpredictable to control than others. With that said one of the designs did jump out at me more because it related to hair dye. As an avid hair dye user I am very used to shower water being funny colours so the idea of the packaging matching something the product does was a nice thought.


I wanted to include how I made each method as some of them have a few instructions in order to complete. I found the majority of these techniques on my nightly Instagram scroll.

  • Diycreativez
  • Videotutoriais
  • Buzzfeednifty
  • Diy.ftw
  • Diyfuture

Are just a few Instagram’s I follow for the latest diy trends.


UPDATE: I mention in this section about using brushes in photoshop however when it came to designing and creating the bubble effect I scanned in my experiment versions then cleaned them up, changed and cut thing out to create my final design. I want my project to be 100% homemade.


Here’s some of my extra experiment pages:


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