I wanted to embody everything that I would like to see on a website as a customer and what I have seen on competitors websites.

Some of the pages I have added:

  • The home page has a bit of everything on to hopefully catch the users attention and get them hooked.
  • Gallery for fans to submit pictures via social media in the hopes of being featured,
  • Our App this is a pretty standard thing to see but I wanted to explain the app and what incredible things it could do.
  • Recycling rewards because my brand is all about recycling being eco friendly, when I looked at other sites that also do the recycling scheme but they don’t advertise it. You have to really look for it to find it, Mac is one of the biggest brands in the world and I found out they do a scheme where you take back packaging and you’ll receive a free lipstick, I asked 4 of my friends who all avidly shop at Mac if they knew and none of them had a clue!!
  • The mobile salon was an extra part I added because I thought about a festival I attended last year and there was a stall that did hair braiding so I wonder how cool it would be if their was a hair stall or van that would rock up and offer hair styles, hair chalks and of course be there to help those in need of dry shampoo!!
  • Our shop has many different sections for the buyer to find what their looking for fast. Although I want them to buy lots of products but as a buyer I hate having to scroll through pages and pages of products just to find what I was looking for. It doesn’t make me want to buy sometimes!
  • Bleach Menu was inspired by Bleach London’s Bleach Bible which contains tips, tricks and other useful information. I believe this was such a good idea on their behalf and I have personally read it multiple times in the past. I do wish they kept updating it with the latest tips, this is why I created my own AND as my brand is vegan it contains vegan tips (EXAMPLE: I talk about sleeping on silk pillow cases to stop hair tangling but as silk is not vegan friendly I also give the advice for 100% cotton pillow case)
  • Contact page is for any questions that haven’t been answered in the FAQ, I want it to feel like we’re very open and are always there to help.
  • FAQ is pretty standard, it has the questions that people are most likely to want to know. This will be forever updating, adding and remove questions based on what the users want to know.


I added a section about our story and our values (I got some of this information from Good Dye Young, Arctic Fox, Bleach London and LUSH)


All over the site is our social links, I want people to because loyal, I want them to follow us, keep up to date and always come back to us.




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