The final major project was my favourite of all briefs we’ve had. The freedom to create our own project from start to finish. At first I wasn’t sure on what I should do but while I was dyeing my hair and I had a hair dye query, that was the moment I realised I should make a brand of dye. Instantly I was hooked. I started the website the minute I figure out the name.

Carpe Dyem Bleach was a joke at first because I was trying to be funny and use a bit of a play on words with the latin phrase ‘Carpe Diem, quam minimum credula postero’, which means ‘seize the day while trusting little on what tomorrow might bring.’ I liked this phrase because it’s powerful and that what I want my brand to be. I also want everything to follow a theme, whether that be the boxes and bottles or the , we want everything to match. The slogan therefore follows this theme by using the meaning of Carpe Diem, ‘Seize the day’ as our slogan (day turned into dye).

This year I have been quite proud of myself and my time management, this task allowed me to have months and months of preparation time before the deadline. This meant being able to really think about my ideas and consider what creating a brand really involves. Ive been able to have time doing other briefs while this one could be left for a while without too much hassle. I spent a lot of time actually researching into things that without the massive time I would of never been able to even think about. I didn’t want my work to be a normal hair dye company, I wanted it to have a twist. I made it vegan so everyone can use, it comes with an app that has multiple features such as camera filters, forums, updates, its purpose is to only ‘serve the user’. The whole brand is about the people it is for rather than just to make money! Due to the amount of time I had to complete this unit I did start getting over ambitious with my ideas, I didn’t realise how over board I had gone with the ideas until I made a schedule and full guide of what I was doing, I really cut it back.

While researching I found out about the vegan lifestyle, other than the silly people on Facebook trying to focus it down your throat. I was able to discover the horrifying facts how much cosmetic waste sent to landfill sites every year, this has really made me consider about only shopping from brands like Origins who have recycling process in place! I found may new artists while completing artist research, I even went on to buy art from one of the ladies I found as I liked her work that much!

When it came to actually designing I had a really fun time, the past two years I have widely improved in both taste and style. I have defiantly taking a liking to packaging design, being able to imagine my work on a shelf of shops all over the world is something that makes me want to specialise in. Although I didn’t include all of the necessary information to make the packaging legal to sell in shop I did research into the laws which were surprisingly really interesting. The unit has taught me quite a lot including how to create my own screen print out of cheap Primark tights, an embroidery hoop and Modge Podge. How simple online advertising can be if done correctly. Also having the chance to work with Lino printing and mark making with Indian ink, Lino might look easy but its actually very difficult with more practice I think I could be good at it.

The biggest struggle I faced for this whole task was sadly my laptop hard drive corrupted the week before the deadline. This not only made me lose work and time but about 2K to buy a new laptop and get the other repair. Sadly my app was one of the things lost in the process, it really sucks to lose work that you spent so much time on. Back up your laptops kids!

It’s a shame that the brand isn’t as I have work so hard on it, its sad that its come to an end but looking at the work I’ve completed at the very start of the course to what I can design now is a great feeling. I can’t begin to imagine how I’ll improve in the next year. I’m happy with the overall project and how it turned out. There isn’t much I’d change about this project I just know that in the future I will remember to back my computer up and to not get too over confident with the ideas.


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