The brief is to promote the Refugee Day (20th June). Why? To raise awareness to those and their situation I notices a pattern in the lot of the images I picked as they were all using a shock tactic to show the importance/true meaning, which made me stop and look. They all had a very graphic tone to them this is because the situation isn’t one that can be sugar coated. We have ignored it to the point where these people are have no other choice other an to flee their homes and countries in order to seek a LIFE.

What would make me

  • Stop and look?
  • To make me think?
  • Want to share?
  • Want to help?

Sadly we live in a world were the shock and horror of these events has worn off. Unless happening in front of our eyes we ignore it. Out of sight, out of mind.

Back in 1985 the world was also at a similar place however, they weren’t aware of the problems as the media didn’t cover or show anyone what was really happening in the world, as they didn’t really know the full horror themselves. On July 13th that all changed, Live Aid was a 16 hour show to help fight and spread awareness to the death and famine across Africa. (This followed Band Aid’s the insanely popular single, “Do They Know Its Christmas?”) Paul McCartney, Queen and David Bowie were just a few of the acts that played the event underneath the now infamous, “Feed The World” banner, 72,000 people attended the show. During the broadcast they played videos showing the staving, diseased people who needed the publics help in order to save them. Phone lines were set up for people to pledge money.

This was a massive shock to viewers as this was something they had never seen before, I asked my mum about this event and she remembers watching it in horror as they showed this awful scenes of decay, dirt and death, it was a shock to the system. All together an estimated £150 MILLION was raised for the famine relief in Africa. The show had (and still has) the biggest television audience in history with over 1.5 BILLION people tuned in, over 160 different countries!

I don’t want my work to sugar coat anything, we need to be shown these things in order to start understanding the true problems.


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