I had a few other ideas that I wanted to try out to see if they could be used. The first was an image of Brighton Beach with two tourists relaxing looking at social media about the little boy on the beach. However, I also wanted to draw the little boy on the beach next to them to talk about our out of site out of mind mentality.

I started by looking at my own pictures of Brighton! I only chose Brighton due to the popular culture as Brighton is a hot spot and it’s totally iconic this hopefully would get people to connect to the image and message being shown.

I didn’t just want to standard colour it in using pens or pencils, I wanted to play around with other types of style. I worked with water colours a few weeks ago doing mark making and I enjoyed it so I bought some for home.

MARK MAKING: https://amygoss1507834blog.wordpress.com/2017/04/03/mark-making/

I got half way through and sadly didn’t think it was as good as I could of done it on the computer. I didn’t need to draw the child on the beach as without it looked too childish and I personally wouldn’t enjoy or even spent enough time looking at this to find out what it’s a about!


I thought about making a paper boat floating on water, I made this image on Illustrator. Once I finished I thought it is far too careful and calm, which is nothing that compares to what it meant to represent.




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