I had never heard of a ‘creative cv’ before this course so I had to research them and what they look like. I was quite impressed with some of the ones I found and wanted to create some of the section but with my personal touch. I found some sites that contained full guides to help designers/artists create their own. I wrote explanations, how they helped me and what was different about it.


My first attempt at the creative cv I wanted to use speak bubbles as they conveyed that I was open and talkative once this was I tried this I couldn’t figure out the layout I wanted use. I stepped away from the creative cv for awhile until I had somewhat of a plan.


I had the idea of a bi fold leaflet with a business card within the leaflet that is perforated to allow viewers to push out and keep forever. I knew I needed to show my personality with in the cv so I went with the colour scheme black, white and blue (to match my hair and my favourite colour).


As you can see upbove I didn’t end up finishing the leaflet as I knew it wouldn’t work, I couldn’t figure out what I was missing (other than work experience..). I thought about just creating a standard A4 sheet but use the speech bubbles like I was going to originally.  However once again I really wasn’t feeling this look. I decided to stop working on the creative cv and come back to this later in the year.



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