I’ve had social media since I was around 12 this means I know the general ins and outs of what goes and what doesn’t go. However, I have never had social media to promote my brand, nor the confidence in my work to do so.

I researched into the benefits of having social media for businesses, I found it helpful and informative to find out how brands use it to get there brand across.


While creating I obviously needed to come up with a name for my brand. At first I was dead set on not using my name however the more I thought about it I decided to use my name as its a lot easier to move to a brand name than the other way round. Luckily my name is pretty straight forward and simple, I added the miss as someone already has the social media accounts that I want to keep the consistency.


During the two years of the course I have learnt that logos are not my forte so I wanted to create a really simple logo that didn’t look too bad and still followed my brand them. I researched what I could do and what types of logos are the most eye-catching and popular.


I continued with the research theme and looked into logos of other designers to see what is out there. A lot of these are simple with a lot of detail. I currently I am not at that level to produce anything close to these so I will be forever updating the more and more skills I gain in the future.


I came up with the simple head portrait thats main focus was me, as that is what the brand is. It started off with a teal coloured hair and yellow background.


During the course of the unit I ended up updating my logo slightly to match all of the other branding. I actually enjoyed being able to update my logo as I do feel like I’m slowly but surely getting better at logos.


Now I have the logo it was time to set up my social media. As Instagram is a photo sharing app, it is perfect for designers and artists to share their work. With the use of hashtags the app allows users to share their pictures to the world and have people from many different backgrounds, religions and careers will be able to view your work. (This links into the contextual unit of Globalisation as 20 years ago all of the brand promotion was done by word of mouth!)

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 02.03.17

Here is my Instagram (current when writing this post) Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 02.03.11

The use of hashtags has allowed my logo to be seen a minimum of 71 times (thats due to the likes) one of my favourite things about this unit is how it has allowed me to gain confidence within my work. If you asked me to share my work a year ago I would of said “not a chance!” not only have I gain confidence to get my work out there but I’ve began to gain confidence in my ability to design. Sadly due to past experience I have always had a low self esteem but I am slowly getting more and more confident. I cannot wait to see what I’ll be like in 10 years!


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