For the first section of my work experience, Lucy Randall, Head of Student Recruitment, Employability and Career Choices at Central Bedfordshire College asked me to revamp one of their posters either the a personality careers test or for their careers fair poster. She wanted me to create something eye catching that wouldn’t be like anything currently hung around the college.


I had a meeting with her where she explained exactly what she wanted which was helpful, she did say that she was open to our interpretation which was nice as I could put my own flare in it.


She gave me the college brand identity guidelines to help me understand what and what I need to add or stay clear of.



Here were my notes from the meeting.


I started my drawing my ideas out, I had 3 basic ideas for each that I could develop into my final one or potentially mash together into one design.


The first idea was for the kite (college logo) to fly off as it is reaching the stars, just like your career.


I sent the first attempt off to Lucy and got some feedback about how she would like to change it.IMG_0667IMG_0668

Based on her feedback I began to make the necessary changes.


She wanted to create a logo for the careers team at the collegeIMG_0672IMG_0673IMG_0674

This part was why I added certain parts just to clarify my design/idea.


I asked my peers look and suggest anything that could make the poster better, I had some great ideas that helped me understand how important my designs are and how others perceive my work and what messages it says based on design. This really helped me fully understand how design needs to be right or it can end up offending people.



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