One of my favourite things about this unit is how it has allowed me to gain confidence within my work. If you asked me to share my work a year ago I would of said “not a chance!” not only have I gain confidence to get my work out there but I’ve began to gain confidence in my ability to design. Sadly due to past experience I have always had a low self esteem but I am slowly getting more and more confident. I cannot wait to see what I’ll be like in 10 years!

During the work based learning unit I have learnt a lot, both from making mistakes and fixing them. And now looking back over the work reflecting on what I could change.

– To have a thicker skin, not everyone is going to like your designs this includes clients and ‘viewers’. This was a big part of this task, as I’ve never to complete work for a client before that wasn’t someone I knew well. In the real world if you and the client don’t see eye to eye, stop working together! This also links in with if your client doesn’t want to give you feedback. Move on. It’s their loss.

– Working to a very tight deadline… and how to do it successfully. For both tasks working with Lucy they both had very tight 3 day deadlines. Trying to do the work while doing other work was hard at first but once I figured out a schedule and a way of managing my time, I got everything done before the deadlines!

-If you have too much work on. Don’t take on more. Know your limits. This didn’t apply to me in this situation but part of the experience I didn’t receive feedback from the client, and was later told it was due to her having too much work on. This is where I learnt to know my limits, do not take on more work if I’m already struggling.

– Adobe Acrobat Pro is the biggest help. This programme was something I had on my computer but had never used before. Before one of the deadlines I was struggling with a PDF that was too big to allow me to upload my work. I Googled to see if there was anyway I could fix this problem, this is where I stumbled across people saying that on Adobe Acrobat Pro has an option where you can ‘Reduce PFD Size’. Super easy to do and it worked first try. This truly is a life saver and I wish I would of known about this software before now!

– Always check the settings of your documents. During the whole course I have never really taken notice of what colour settings my documents have been in. As none of the work has been for clients or that important I’ve never really thought about it. However, this time when it came to printing my work for my own folder, I found out that the colour settings were wrong. My work came out a ’lovely’ green dull colour. I managed to go back and fix this without too much of a problem. For the future remember RGB – Digital . CMYK – Print.

– What does my design say? This was bought to my attention during the poster making as I had only drawn a man on top of the hill. I was asked why? At that point I didn’t have an answer to give them, at that moment it made me think that my designs will show different things to different people. Where I thought/saw nothing wrong about only having a man on the poster, others see it as only a man can have a career. I really need to be careful and think deeply about the ethical and other considerations so not to offend or upset anyone.

– If something doesn’t go right the first time, take a step back and relax. As a self-declared stress head, the heat of having 3 days to complete a full brief was a daunting thought! As I hadn’t completed anything like this before I began to panic and get worked up at my lack of ideas. Truth is I’m not going to be creative everyday, its just the way life goes. I need to take a step back, watch a tv programme or film and relax. There is no point forcing myself to do work if I haven’t got any ideas. You can’t make it happen if it’s not there.

– Not asking the right questions the first time around. This is one I struggled with, I hadn’t asked the right questions and before I knew it, it was deadline day. Before emailing make a list of everything that I want to know. Don’t annoy the client, they will think your unprofessional and/or annoying therefore never working with you again if you keep messaging them over and over again.


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