At the beginning of the year we were given a short list of design awards that we would have to pick a minimum of two to enter. I decided on Penguin Student Awards for one of the briefs. I went to the website a had a look to see what I would have to do and on what topic. The brief was to design a new book cover for Adrian Mole, I chose the children book as a few years ago for college I created my own children book therefore I have some knowledge of what aspects need to be added to make the best cover.

I wanted to create a modern twist to an old fashioned book, I had the idea of an app “My Secret Diary” which would appeal to the target audience of the book. I looked at the classic children’s book illustrators Quentin Blake and Judith Kerr to gather inspiration for what is considered the best of the best in the children’s book illustration. Although I may not be wanting to complete the same style of illustration any inspiration I can get will be helpful. I also looked at a adult book illustrator Josh Kirby who focus on high detail illustrations which are so cool, I may add small details that people might not necessarily notice at first but on a later glance might appreciate. I did have a slight advantage this project as I drew the hand holding a mobile on Illustrator which is one of the softwares that I know my way around, this project only helped me gain more skills and new effects that I previously hadn’t known before. I kept the colour very minimal and used a blurred photo as the background to add some depth to the page. One of the disadvantage I had was that I hadn’t read the book before so I didn’t have anything that I could add as snippets of what is within the book, I did try and combat this by reading summaries of the book which helped but next time I’ll do more research into the book.

If I had the chance to re-do the brief again I would of hand drawn the book cover and experimented more with ideas. However, overall I am happy with the design as I feel like it would stand out on book shelfs as it is so different to anything you’d see. After I had finished the Adrian Mole I decided to try another one of the books, I chose In Cold Blood as I had an idea in my head already. This cover allowed me to work with photoshop alongside Illustrator, I created the blood pool by layering up different patches of red. This book was slightly easier to work with as I knew the story so I added the footprints to not only fill blank space but to reveal a part of the story, it will make sense once you’ve read the book. I found creating the covers really fun to create and would definitely enter this competition again.


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