I mentioned this in my penguin awards evaluation that at the start of the year we were given a list of design awards that we can enter. YCN’s briefs all stood out to me as they were fun and fresh. However, one did jump out at me Bear. Although I had never heard of the brand the chance to illustrate these little cards that weren’t just meant to be fun but educational at the same time. I already had the idea of space as I’m a massive space fan, I was slightly disheartened when I read on the brief they had used an example using space as the topic. The more I read the brief and began to understand the brand I decided to do it anyway and take the risk!

During research for this unit I looked into a few of my favourite artists I found on Instagram throughout the year, for this task I didn’t know ant mainstream artists that I wanted to take inspiration from so I stuck with the small freelance designers I follow. I had the advantage of already knowing Illustrator so any chance I get to update my skills I’m up for. I also very much enjoyed the research for this unit as it was all about space, I already know quite a lot about the topic but find out little random facts then getting to design something to share these fun snippets was really cool. With all of this said I did struggle with motivation this task, due to me working on several other briefs at the same time I’d go weeks without working on the brief therefore losing momentum and motivation in the cards. However I just stuck to it and got it handed in before the deadline.

Overall, I am happy with the work I completed this was the first time that I was designing for small but really factual cards. Next time I’ll allocated more time to the work and make sure I don’t lose the focus.


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