As the end of the year is coming up and we have to create our portfolios to hand in, its time to make sure all of my work is the highest standard it can be. I had some feedback around the illustrations at the bottom of the first page, they weren’t festively enough. At the time of drawing the fashion at festivals were crop tops, turtle neck and dresses so that what I drew. However, looking back at the drawing I noticed they are quite boring and simple, if you were to see them you wouldn’t know necessarily know what they were doing. I need to make them more related to festival.

dancing doodle 4.png


I decided to have a look at the typical festival attire that people wear, here are just a few of the looks that I took inspiration from.

For this set of illustrations I want to make them look so festival, that its very easy to tell what they are meant to be. I added the traditional flower crown, chokers, festival wristbands. I drew three different people then changed the colours of their outfit and hair, I did this as I had added most of the biggest trends of the festival attire

people test.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 15.43.55Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 15.44.12


Here is the final outcome:


The only change I completed to the second page was turning off the hyphenate setting so all of the text sits on one line and makes it a lot easier to read (this is done in almost all major magazines!). Even though this change is something that people might not notice, personally I feel like this just makes it look slightly more professional.



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