When looking back at the Bear cards, (I’m not going to try and make excuses) I did not enjoying designing them and lost all motivation sadly this something that you can tell by looking at them!

I don’t think they are boring but I don’t believe kids will necessarily care for them. I was out shopping one day and I saw a 3D poster, I think that using this technique it would give the cards that bit of fun. The style would allow the image to move on the card without it actually moving.


Alongside this I wanted to create an augmented reality app that allows the user to take an picture of the card and suddenly it comes to life. Whatever is on the card will spring to life and give a few facts about what they are and what they do. Once you have made your card come to life the user will unlock a camera filter designed for that card.

  • As shown below the camera filter is for the comets card, after the user has scanned the card they’ll be able to pick and choose the filter based on all cards scanned (you do this using the small Planet Explorer icon located on the camera screen)
  • Also shown below is the Saturn card using augmented reality app, “Plant Explorers’.  The app scans each card and brings them to life, the card once scanned an short animation of all of the facts and figures from the card. This will be more interesting for the user to have an animated, fun but factual view of space.



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