This was the first unit for the second year and it was a perfect settle back in brief. More of a workshop rather than live brief we were told to recreate a double page spread of a graphic design magazine such as Creative Review. It was a chance to finally focus improving my skills using InDesign, luckily I have used the software quite a bit and know my way around so this brief was ‘easy’ for me. As it could be written on any topic of our choice so I went with something that was close to my heart (as cringe as that may sound), music festivals. I first started by researching festivals, I didn’t really need to do much as I had been to several festivals so I know what angle my article would need to have in order to keep it interesting.

I illustrated a few festival goers based on an image I found online to just add a bit of fun to an otherwise boring spread, now looking back at my work I realise the importance of copyright laws. I drew the girls and may or may not have taken too much ‘inspiration’ they ended up looking very like the original and if I had the chance to change this I would.

Advantages of this brief is that I have used all the software before this brief so I had a slightly easier time when designing. Alongside this, I have completed magazine and book layouts in the past so I knew what works well and what wouldn’t in certain places. The main disadvantage was that creative reviews pages are very wordy so I needed to keep in theme with this but remember that it is a design unit and that where things are placed matter.



May 2017-

I had the chance to go back over the spread and update my illustrations. I made sure this time they fit with the festival theme, the clothing and general appearance of each of the people in the drawing were drawn in a way that makes it very clear that they are at a festival and they are enjoying themselves. I do believe it looks so much better! I feel better about them as well as they are my own drawings, yes I’ve taken inspiration from other artists but this time I’ve made them my own and used my style that I have been working on for the past year.


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